Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It's awfully hard to blog without a computer-- which explains my long silence, since mine has been in the shop for almost two weeks! I got it back today and here I sit...

Last week (January 16th) Steve Taylor's three one acts were premiered; I hope lots of folks got out and supported Steve and the good cause they were being produced to support: LIFE House.

This coming Sunday-- January 25th-- from 2-5 pm we'll have our second meeting to read new plays. Bring your new script, however 'good' it may be and hear it read aloud. Only when playwrights hear their words is it possible to truly get them 'right.' So bring your script. Join the fun, meet fellow playwrights and get some of the 'warm fuzzies' every writer needs and few playwrights seem to find easily.

PS If you didn't make it to the first play reading you can still join us Sunday at the Beaumont brnach of the Lexington Public Library from 2-5pm. See you then!

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