Thursday, April 23, 2009

June Meeting

May isn't even here and already we're concerned with June's meeting. Crazy isn't it? Be that as it may, June's meeting is a special one because Amy Wegener of the literary department of Actor's Theatre of Louisville is going to be our guest speaker. Ms. Wegner will be discussing how to judge contest entries in a play contest. The meeting will be June 7th at the Beaumont Branch of the Lexington Public Library from 1:00 to 4:30 pm. Come join us!

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By the time of the June meeting initial judging of this year's 100 entries will have taken place and it will time to get down to a maximum of nine (9) semifinalists for this year's contest. Based on just the 30+ entires I've read getting down to 9 will not be easy; from those I read I culled down to 7! I haven't spoken with the other judges to see how their initial readings and selections went but my guess is that the initial judging has identified at least 25-30 very high quality entries from which we will be selecting the 9 semi-finalists.

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