Saturday, May 23, 2009

Would you like your play televised?

If you were a playwright would you like to see your award winning play televised? When we began the play contest we thought we would pick the best few plays, find a few directors and actors and either do a staged reading or perhaps stage them. End of story.

Well, a little research and difficulty finding a suitable venue has lead to SOME (not much, admittedly) discussion about filming the plays and putting them on tv. This would mean that fewer plays could be selected, but that they'd get greater exposure. What do you think? Comment and let us know. Thanks very much.


mgonzonana said...

It is assuming too much to think that my play would be selected as a finalist. If it is, I would not like to see it televised at this point. There are other options. Once the decision has been reached on the final ten, schools and other groups can be approached for use of the hall, props, etc. Internships could be made for the production phase. Also, Stage One in Louisville has a large prop department on 11th Street. They may be willing to assist. Appleshop Inc (I think that is the name) may want to work with us to have a brief tour of the plays in Eastern KY. All of this is putting the horse before the cart. No commitments can be made until the selection of the 10 finalist.

mgonzonana said...

Oops! I meant putting the cart before the horse. (I hate it when right is wrong.) Also, the correct name for Appleshop is Appalshop, Inc in Whitesburg, KY. Regardless, "Thanks" to 517 for all the work they are doing. It is appreciated.