Sunday, August 2, 2009

We CAN accept donations but....

517 Playwrights is an unincorporated entity: basically, though we hold public meetings, we are a private group. We charge no dues and have no expectations of our members except that they come to meetings and share in them either as a playwright or as a supportive individual who is trying to help playwright members improve their scripts. That's all we do. The organization can accept no donations; it has no bank account, officers or official "existence."

On the other hand, just this past week, a group of us have incorporated the KENTUCKY PLAYWRIGHTS' WORKSHOP (KPW), Inc. as a nonprofit and registered that name with the Kentucky Secretary of State's Office in Frankfort. We are NOT registered with the US Dept. of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)3 tax exempt organization; I do not know if we will ever do that, though we may.

The KPW is the producing group that is putting on the evening of 10-Minute Plays that will be produced at the Thoroughbred Community Theatre in Midway in October of this year. If you wish to make a donation to help us underwrite production costs for that event, that would be appreciated. At this point though the future of the KPW is simply unknown.

We have not made plans beyond the October production. After that production, presumably sometime in late October we will work on doing the things necessary to get the organization organized: writing a mission statement, electing officers, setting dues, establishing an annual meeting date and all such similar matters. In the meantime, we will be raising funds solely for the purpose of underwriting production costs that are ANICIPATED to be in the neighborhood of $1,000.00

It is anticipated that there will be two primary sources of funding for the production: selling advertising in the program; donations. We will be charging admission for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows. What we don't know is whether people will drive to Midway for an evening of 10-Minute shows since the community is roughly 10 miles or more from the nearest other towns: Lexington, Georgetown, Frankfort and Versailles.

If you would like information about how you can support the Kentucky Playwright's Workshop and the production of the 517 Playwrights' 10-Minute Play Contest please either leave a comment or write to us at

Check with your accountant or other knowledgeable person about whether not, to what degree (if ANY) your donation to KPW is tax deductible.

If you would like to take out an ad in the program for the 10-Minute plays to be produced in October please leave a comment or write us at

Thank you for your interest in supporting our work and the playwrights whose works we are producing.

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