Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We are now on MeetUp

517 Playwrights is now a member organization on MeetUp. There are meetups across the US and around the world for every sort of interest one can imagine including board gamers, singles, hikers and tah dah... drum roll please... playwrights. Information about our meetings and events will now be posted on MeetUp. You can get there by typing in the "MeetUp" into Google (etc.) and then typing in playwrights and the zip code for the location of the meeting (40507) or simply 517 Playwrights. You can RSVP to meetings or events, you can learn more about the organization-- you can see a picture of Bill McCann as Charlie Martin in On Golden Pond-- and you can learn about our members. Please sign up (it doesn't cost you anything!) and help our membership grow.

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