Monday, August 8, 2011

CAGE to be given staged reading in NYC

Brian Walker's full length play Cage (or the other side of tomorrow)
was selected for a staged reading as part of Truffle Theatre Company's
1st Annual Truffle Hunt August 30th-September 4th, 61 Local, 61 Bergen

CAGE is a full-length paly, set in a Midwest city which does things exactly like
every other city in the United States does in the future and is
controlled by an organization called the Continental Operative Warrant
who have been responsible for lobbying the government and changing the
laws and running the new farms. All cows and pigs and chickens have
become extinct and the human race has turned to cannibalism in order
to satiate their need for meat. Laws have been enacted and prisons
transformed into new farms and anyone who breaks the law becomes food.

Wlaker is a member of the Dramatist Guild and the Kentucky Playwright Workshop. He lives and works in Louisville, KY.

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