Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its not too late!

Join us tomorrow at 3563 Georgetown Road, Lexington, KY for our first new play reading opportunity. Leave you name and the number of people coming with you as a "comment" and come join us! Nothing else is required. As of today, I am expecting about 14 people. But there is room for more people, maybe a dozen more. So don't be shy. Come join us.

Directions: From New Circle Road (in Lexington) take the Georgetown Road exit (US 25) head out of town (towards Georgetown) and go four miles. Look for the baloons that will mark the drive and voila, you're at the inaugeral meeting of 517 Playwrights! See ya at 2:00 pm.

One thing read our "Rules" so you can know what to expect!

If you have a play you'd like read bring it along with enough copies so that our readers don't have to crowd around a single (or only a few) scripts. Thanks.

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