Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fusion Theatre's Interview with Brian Walker

The following interview was posted by Fusion Theatre on it's web site. It has been posted here because Brian Walker is a member of Kentucky Playwrights Workshop, Inc.

How did you hear about “The Seven”?

I heard about The Seven through my Dramatist Guild Resource Directory and it was also listed on The Playwrights' Center's website.

What was the impetus/basis/inspiration for writing the piece?

The inspiration for the piece is pretty straightforward: it came when I realized that I had not received my girl scout cookies from the little girl I had ordered them from three houses down and started seeing them being sold at the entrances of local grocery stores. I was convinced that someone in my neighborhood must have stolen mine as I told her she could just leave them in my door if I wasn't home. Days past but instead of going door to door to interrogate my neighbors, I wrote the play and my cookies arrived the next week; the little girl had the flu and was late getting them out, which, by that time, was fine by me because I had gotten a play out of it.

Is this play representational of your writing style? Is it similar to or different from your other plays?

This play is very representational of my writing style. I like writing plays where the audience doesn't know exactly where they should be laughing; or if what they're watching is even supposed to be funny, or maybe half the audience thinks it's funny and the other half of the audience is mortified. I like writing characters that are flawed in some way?and that really need something (whatever it?is...cookies even...) in order to get out of bed in the morning to face the world.

What is the role of the short work in your playwriting career?

The short play has been so instrumental to my writing career as it has given me the opportunity to really hone my craft while getting my work out there into the world. I love that short play festivals are so popular because for me there are so many moments, so many instances or people or situations that I think, 'that would make a good play' but there would never be enough time to write them all down into full length scripts. So I'm always writing short plays and I'm always sending them out. The ten minute play allows me the opportunity to get those impulses out there; even when simultaneously working on a larger project I may be blocked with or just need a break from.

What is your favorite play? Who is your favorite playwright?

My favorite play is A Bright Room Called Day by Tony Kushner because it makes me weep every time I read it and my favorite playwright would have to be Christopher Durang who just inspires me and his plays makes me laugh and think and want to have fun with my own truths.

What is your next playwriting venture?

In the last week I have just completed a full length play, CAGE (or the other side of tomorrow) which is about a society which eats its criminals instead of incarcerating them. Plus it's a love story. And there are dancing cows. I'm hoping to begin submitting it this summer.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you so much to FUSION Theatre Company for producing my play and sharing my voice with this community; it is such an honor to be included with the other six playwrights and have my work brought to life by this group of artists.

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