Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Okay. I thought this would have been obvious, it's in the title of the contest, but we are seeking 10 minute plays. A ten minute play runs 10 minutes, not three, or four, or five minutes. Please submit plays that are 10 pages long, or close to that length (8 or 9 pages, at least). Plays that are too short are not considered for production; Neither are plays that too long-- in excess of 10 pages of dialogue. Common sense is the factor that should be your guide: 11 pages is too long, seven pages is too short.

Use a 12 font sized font such as Courier or Times New Roman and make certain that your play has 10 pages of dialogue. Last year we produced seven scripts: 6 of the 7 scripts were between about 9 minutes 50 seconds and 10 minutes 15 seconds; the seventh script, which ran about 8 minutes, was about 8 1/2 pages long. Please do not submit short scripts, they may be read; they will not be chosen for production.

As a reminder: this is a 10-minute play contest, submit a 10-minute play script.