Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scripts are Coming in. Have You Submitted Yet?

Since May 2nd more than two dozen playwrights from sixteen states, including Kentucky, and two Canadian provinces have submitted scripts to this year's 10-Minute Play Contest. Among the contestants this year. so far, have been six women and 20 men.

Characters include a juggler, two clowns (in different scripts!) a newscaster, people of Middle Eastern and British extraction, a realtor, housewives and husbands, friends and lovers, and college students. The ages of this diverse group of characters range from 12 to 70+.

Settings include not only the expected living rooms and apartments but also a beach, the front seat of a car, a coffee house, a library, and a "tv writer's room."

What is missing from this diverse mix of characters and locales? Your script with your characters and settings. We are accepting entries through June 30, 2010. Please submit today.

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